Monday, August 25, 2008

Money Saving Tip

I got this tip from my electrical cooperative in Florida and I had mixed feelings about it when I read it. The article said that you can turn up your thermostat to between 76 and 78 degrees in the house while running your ceiling fans and still feel like it's cooler than the actual temperature. To say the least I was skeptical! Well, I was proven wrong, it did seem cooler! It really felt like it was 3-5 degrees cooler, without the addition of the air conditioner working as much. Considering the rising fuel adjustments to the electric bills, anything to save a few dollars is a good thing! I thought I'd pass that along to everyone with central air. If you have window units, like the colder northern states, I would still set the unit at a higher temp and use your fans to direct the air, especially if you only have oscillating fans. Do Not do this with window fans for obvious reasons! Got a tip of your own? Drop me a comment and I'll try to feature it and credit you for the idea!

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