Sunday, August 10, 2008

Upgrading Those Lightbulbs.

I found, after receiving a bigger than usual electric bill, that I had a hole in the air I was pouring electric light into. This is similar to swimming pools that are a hole in the ground you pour money into. In Florida houses are lit up most of the time and 99% are using incandescent light bulbs. This is one of the biggest invisible expenses on your bill. I selected this item to be my first cost cutter in the house. I now have 75% of my lighting with these tube bulbs. They use 30 watts of electricity to produce 60 watts of light and in two of my rooms I found the light to be brighter than the old lights and was able to eliminate secondary lights altogether.

The Upside - good lighting with lower operating cost. Try home stores like Lowes or Home Depot for larger multi packs (I got mine cheaper there than at that BIG retailer).

The Downside - do not use fluorescents with security lighting as the response time is inadequate for instant lighting. These bulbs get full brightness after 2-3 seconds.

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