Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Not The Only One Who Breathes In The House!

During the summer months when the mechanically sweet smell of manufactured cold air is wafting through the house we often forget one important thing - air filters! Just like all living creatures on this planet, your central air conditioner needs to breathe too. It is a wise idea to check all removable filters that pull air through your house to be cooled in your , in most cases, attic and delivered back into the house. When filters start to have dust build-up there is a major issue brewing. The a/c unit must pull enough air through the system to remain healthy. When excess build-up occurs the unit begins to over-work as it tries to get the temperature down resulting in longer run times, which equals higher electric costs and excess wear on the mechanical components that can lead to unit failure, which equals a very expensive repair or replacement. I know the latter part too well. When I bought my house the previous owner didn't bother to keep regular maintenance going and I had to buy a new central a/c when mine died during a hot spell, which if it's going to fail there is no time better than a hot spell when it's working the hardest.
Filters are cheap and new a/c's aren't! Keep enough on-hand or do like I did. I bought an Electrostatic house filter that can be cut to size and just gets a hose off to clean. These can be found at your local building mega-store that starts with the letter L.
Also, do your car a favor and do the same for it!

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