Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home Environmental Improvement Tips 6-10

These informational tips have allowed me to saves hundreds of dollars in home repairs and improvements and I'd like to share some of these tips with you to get you into the mood to do 'stuff' around your home!

#6 Hardboard or Simulated Rain Forest Wood Doors - High performance alternatives that maximize wood alternatives.

#7 Whole House Attic Fans - I wrote about these before.They are an energy saver that also increases comfort.

#8 High R-Value Attic Insulation - The higher the R-Value the greater the insulating performance.

#9 Light Colored Roof Shingles - Reflects radiant solar heat. Energy saver in most climates except in areas with long cold spells. Darker colors are preferred there to bring heat into the house from the sun.

#10 Low U-Factor Windows - Look for this measure of glass performance.. The lower the U-Factor, the greater the heat transmission savings.

Every so often I will bring some more of these valuable tips for you to read and enjoy.

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