Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keep Those Pests Away!

The colder weather is coming and you'll be closing up your windows and doors soon. You'll also be closing in those summer time pests that managed to get themselves into your house as well. There are some simple steps that can keep some of the peskier pests at bay. The one pest I'm thinking of is the spider. There are many spiders that are very beneficial to have around that eat all those other nasty bugs that still roam around. Unfortunately, they have to leave the house because you also have the risk of the nastier spiders that you don't want in your house AT ALL!! Three such spiders are the Black Widow, Brown Widow and the worst one of them, the Brown Recluse (pictures from left to right). I was raised in the Northeastern United States and had only heard of the Black Widow. Since moving to Florida I have heard the stories of the Brown Widow and Brown Recluse (aka Fiddleback). The Brown Recluse can cause Necrosis of the flesh which is a deadening of the flesh which must be removed or it will get worse, up to and including death. I want to state that these three spiders are small in size. It seems as though the smaller they are the more deadly they are. Aside from a professional pest control company coming in to your house and spraying (spiders walk on to of the pesticide and are killed only by a direct hit) the best method of prevention is to never leave any area of your house unmoved. That's right, unmoved. By keeping your house vacuumed and clutter to a minimum the only thing left to do is to move boxes and bags frequently from spot to spot. Spiders do not like movement and will seek solace elsewhere, preferably outside! Keep an open eye out in porch areas and garages. If you have below house/porch access be very careful there as well. Spiders are very resilient and are able to survive many environments and as I stated earlier, most are beneficial to have around!

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