Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rev Up Your Ride!

I just wanted to put my two cents into the mix today since I filled my gas tank this morning for $3.999 per gallon and by the time I got home this afternoon it was already $3.659 per gallon. You know, it was a crap shoot when I filled up as to whether the price would go up or go down. I needed the gas so I bit the bullet. I spent about $4.00 more for the fill-up than if I was able to wait. Who knew! Well, just a couple of reminders for saving your gas money. This seems somewhat ironic but if you want to save money on gas you should spend some money on oil, fresh engine oil that is. In fact, if you haven't already done so I HIGHLY recommend the use of synthetic oil. I've been using Castrol synthetic oil since my cars first oil change in 1998 and I have over 156k on my car. With the increased age and mileage I have upgraded the 10W40 to 20W50 for the extra, high mileage, protection. Using synthetic also allows you to go a longer time between oil changes, which makes up for the higher cost of the synthetic. I also recommend a very good oil filter and I know Fram has some great high performance oil filters. Another two things you want to do to keep the friction to a minimum. The first is to get a 4 wheel alignment done at least once a year. If your a high mileage driver, or drive on not so great roads, I would do it at least twice a year. Straight driving puts less wear, which equals drag, on your tires which will increase miles per gallon. The second thing is purely optional but recommended. Maintaining the proper inflation of your tires is critical BUT you can go a step further by replacing the air in your tires with nitrogen gas, which is inert and does not heat up like regular air and is not combustible. Many auto tire dealers and Shell Express Lubes offer this service for a nominal fee somewhere around $5.00 per tire. Less heat on your tires means less wear and for $20.00 it's worth it!

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