Friday, October 3, 2008

Beware of Lawn Care Extras!

I recently got an interesting phone call from my lawn care provider. I will call them TG, to protect the innocent and all that. Well, I received the call just before dinner and TG stated he wanted to do the annual aeration and pot ash treatment to ensure my lawn looked good and was healthy. He also said the St. Augustine floratam grass I have needed this treatment yearly. I told him that I neither wanted or could afford the $155 price for said treatment. TG told me that if he went to $150 did I want to do it then? I gave him the same answer. I was told my lawn would suffer without this treatment since it has been a few years since it's been done. I have never had this done and he has been my provider for 2 of the last 7 years I've lived here. Hmm, must be a psychic! Two years ago when they called with this pitch the price was $99, I guess pot ash went up in price. He finally said, when I told him I did not have extra money for this, that he would call back next week and see if things have changed. That would be nice but I have more important bills than lawn poking! I have been told every month by the TG company tech that my lawn is very green and healthy. According to the guy one the phone it should be on the verge of a brown death! The bottom line is that you do not really need this treatment and if your lawn care professional tries to pressure you into getting it done just tell them you don't appreciate being pressured after saying no and that you may need to reevaluate your lawn care if this is how a good customer is treated. You will get an apology faster than a dog chasing a stick. They can't afford the loss of a monthly customer just for a once a year treatment. Oh, and watch out for the Red Ant treatment deal as well, that phone call comes in the springtime. I never get that one either and it's about the same price. Put that money towards a real bill or a vacation instead! Enjoy your new savings!

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Mindy said...

I have a "TG" in my area too-only difference is I seem to get suckered into paying them every year. Going to skip it next time and see how it goes. Thanks!