Monday, October 20, 2008

Crystal Clear Headlights!

Back in the day we had glass headlights that stayed crystal clear for practically the life of the car. The only drawback to the glass headlights was the breakage that often occurred from a collision, vandalism, improper handling or a rock thrown up from a truck. We all know how dangerous broken glass is, as do the auto manufacturers and insurance companies. The solution to the problem was a lens cover made of plastic with a polycarbonate layer bonded to the front. Polycarbonate is most widely known as the material safety eyeglasses are made of, very high impact resistant material. This is the plus side! The minus side is that over a not too long period of time the effects of dirt, debris, stones, pollution and UV rays build up to the point where the lens cover looks like a frosted piece of glass. This effect severely limits the brightness of your headlights but also makes your car look like junk. There are now do-it-yourself kits available for about $20 that can be found at most auto accessory stores and big box mega stores. I know the W mart stores carry them and at the auto dept they may still offer to do it for you for a small fee, it was an offered service there. In my opinion it's well worth the small fee to have them do it, the job can be messy. The only other alternative is to spend a few hundred dollars and get a new replacement lens assembly. No, that would be wasteful, we like to save money here! Happy Motoring!

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