Monday, October 27, 2008

Vehicle Repairs at Your Fingertips!

I don't know if your like me at all but I hate to feel like I'm at the mercy of an auto mechanic. You take your car or truck into the shop and your told "what's your number, we'll call you when we know". I hate that! I know they, in their own way, are like doctors where as one symptom may actually be something out in left field. How are you or they going to know till it's checked out? How do you know your getting the straight line, a fair price, a reputable mechanic, and honest advice? I happened to find a place on the internet where I could get car repair estimates that fit the bill for me. I did an experiment to see how good this system was. I selected my car on the website with year, model, etc and setup a front brake job with rotor replacement and got a price between $273 to $454, depending on what auto repair shops did the repair. It even told me who the better rated shops were, as well as the lower or unrated shops. Whether you have a Honda Civic or a Ford F150, common problems and repair prices are at your fingertips!

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