Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Audio Bone Reinvents the Ear Bud!

It goes without fail, every few years a company puts out a revolutionary product that makes us take pause and say “Damn, that’s awesome!”. Well, Audio Bone has done just that with their unique, waterproof Audio Bone 1.0 headphones.

So what makes these headphones so unique and different? Well, you don’t use them like conventional headphones or ear buds. They don’t go in your ear. You wear it outside your ears. Audio Bone transmits audio through your bones directly to your inner ear, so you can still hear everything around you.

I’m sure we’ve all seen people not paying attention to their surroundings, or being completely oblivious to traffic. The Audio Bone makes that a non issue. You can now hear quality audio, while being safe and alert. Your salvaged eardrums will thank you.

This article is courtesy of J&R Music. I saw the product and it reminded my of the Bone Phone from many years ago that vibrated the sound through your collar bone.

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