Monday, November 3, 2008

The Holidays are Coming Up Fast - Are You Ready?

The Christmas holidays are, for me at least, the most stressful of the holidays. It seems that no matter what you go out and buy there is always the chance that your thoughtful gift may be ridiculed or outright rejected by the recipient. Why is this? Lack of adequate details on the desired item. Oh yes, I grant you that probably the majority of your purchases will be greatly appreciated but what do you always say as they are opening the gift? "I hope you like it" and "I hope it's what you wanted". Just the words to get you ready for the let down that may never happen, but if it does your ready. That is so stupid!

The internet is loaded with merchants who are ready, willing, and able to provide you with almost anything you may want for your gift giving in any shape, color, size, and style. I use a handful of places every year like Amazon, Buy, and Shop because they have virtually everything on my list to get. I am kind of partial to because they have a better and bigger selection of many types of things where and are more specialized. The best part of Shop is that I can compare the other sites to them for best price and best 'perks'. One of the perks I look for are the free shipping offers. I know Shop usually has a good offer and I think that's why I tend to order more from them so I can save the extra cash for my present to 'ME'! I really think more people should make the effort to buy and wrap themselves their own present to open at Christmas, kind of like a job well done 'reward' for not losing your mind at Christmas, again!

I also like to be on the lookout for money off or coupon offers. These are so overlooked at the holidays and they should be the first things you look for. I like the Daily Double of coupons and free shipping, ahh sweet nectar! I have a link for a coupon offer I'll pass along if you happen to go there to look around. It doesn't cost a thing to look and maybe you'll like them too. I start looking through the site and I feel like I'm at a mall, only smaller and in my house! The last thing you want to look out for are the prizes. With the economy the way it is your going to find merchants are really reaching out to get your business and that means 'Win, Win' for us. I entered a contest for an iPod Touch this week and next week there will be a TomTom GPS giveaway I'll be entering. The contests will be running until Dec. 14th. I used to be skeptical until I started winning things from a few sites like a high end Panasonic CD player with megabass headphones, collectible china pieces, collectible marble domino game set, several gift cards and high value coupons. I never used to win anything until I entered internet prize offers and I only enter from reputable sites that I know. If you do a search and can't find anything on a site, don't enter any offers in case it's a spam trick. Good luck and Happy Hunting for the holidays!

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