Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can't Find a Part For Your Land Rover? No Problem!

I happened on a web site that caters to Land Rover/Range Rover parts ONLY! I always thought that when you bought the Rover you need not worry about parts. I guess if you have a hard to find item or maybe it's out of circulation at the factory, you were out of luck. Not so, I'm finding out. This place has over 3500 parts in their inventory and how they get them is a story in itself.

What these guys do is purchase existing Rovers and completely dismantle them to the ground. They only deal in the parts, not the whole. You'd naturally think they would generate a high profit from reselling the vehicle 'fixed up' to good running condition, but no! Reverse engineering is the name of the game here and the game is parts! All kinds of parts! If it was on a Rover machine they, most likely, will have it in their vast inventory. They even have Land Rover Discovery parts in stock here as well. Up until the Hummer came on the scene the Rover machines were king, and as far as I'm concerned still are king. The Hummer is too big for normal use and is a gas pig, the Rovers are not and are street friendly, as well as off road masters!

It's a forgone conclusion that the Rover products will be around for a very long time which makes parts all the more necessary to have available. Until now, if the dealer didn't have a part you needed your last choice was to contact Rover clubs. After-market sellers often have lesser quality replacements that just about fit. I went through this with my brake rotor that was after-market. Two split rotors later I went to the dealer and bought perfect fit rotors. I can't stress enough the need for exact fit parts and the only ones that are exact came from the Rover factory. If you would like to see this cutting edge parts facility to see the range of Land Rover, Range Rover,Discovery, and LR3 parts just visit their website! All their parts are guaranteed and are part of their online catalog. Parts are low mileage and this company has over 30 years in the parts business.

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