Saturday, November 8, 2008

What To Do About Pricey Home Repairs? Easy!

When you have a nail sticking out of the wall and it may catch on someone, what do you do? Why, grab a hammer and nail it flush, of course! The knob on the kitchen drawer is getting wobbly, now what? Why, grab a screwdriver and tighten the screw, of course! See, you thought you weren't a home repair-person, but you really are. Most people don't give themselves enough, if any, credit for what they can accomplish in their home or apartment when they want or need to. There is one boldly stated situation that most of us currently face, and that's a very poor economy. We are required to either put off or completely do without things we wanted or needed to do. Maybe you wanted to put in a new ceiling fan but now you don't have the extra money for an electrician. Could be you wanted an new light switch, or a new faucet in the kitchen sink, or even to replace a couple of rotten boards on your porch! No money for a contractor? So What!

The name of this site is DIY (Do It Yourself) Environmental (your home office, etc.) and that's what I preach here. If you can hammer a nail or screw in a knob, ever drilled a hole for a screw or spray painted a chair then you can D I Y! The only thing you may need to do is get stocked on the basic necessity power tools for the proper performance of your 'space'! I prefer to do this on-line when I buy power equipment. Why is that you say? It's because I'm an impulse buyer when I go into big box home stores. I go in for screws and come out with a fountain for the yard. I can no longer afford to do this kind of shopping. Times are tighter than before so I needed to find a better way and that was the internet.

Let me give you an example of a situation I was recently in. I looked at my stucco house and it looked wrong to me. After looking at different angles I finally put my finger on what was wrong, the paint was fading. The problem was it was fading in blotches and was stucco! That was a double problem because I never painted stucco before and I found out there was a series of steps that were required to make a decent job a great one. The first advice I was given was to get a paint sprayer that could handle various thicknesses of paint and sealers. Sounds kind of easy I thought, but even if I found one I had no idea how to use it! I learned from a good reference and was one my way. Fortunately, Florida temperatures are relatively good all year long for drying, except during hurricane season, and the procedure went better than expected. I did end up with a couple of funny colored bushes however!

I didn't mind the expense of purchasing a power spray painter because the way the sun bleaches out things in Florida I knew they were going to be other things like lawn chairs, trim, garage and shed issues that were going to come up later. Speaking of shed issues, I have to pick out a circular saw, another big question, to replace the floor of the shed. A carpenter quoted me $450 to do the job and I know I can trim at least $350 off the cost doing it myself! Saving money and gaining the personal satisfaction of doing it yourself. It is a spirit booster we can all use right now!

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