Sunday, December 14, 2008

Add a Splash of Color to your Backslpash.

Kitchens and bathrooms are very personal places and how they look reflects on the owner. Everyone would like to make a statement about what they like and have the viewer that's entering their home feel the room instead of just see it. I really love the look of ceramic tiles because when you use ceramic it shows you are making a personal taste commitment to your house, unlike paint and paper facades that have no such feel. It can give anyone's home the face lift it needs. Ceramic backsplash tile can also add value on to your home. I have looked at lots of model homes out there and I can honestly say the homes that do have decorative tile and back-splash tile are very eye catching and homey.

Jerusalem Pottery is a family owned and operated ceramic tile studio, hand painting ceramic back-splash tile in Jerusalem since 1922. Their ceramic tiles are used to decorate kitchen back-splashes, bathroom walls and fireplace surrounds, by people who are renovating or building new houses.

They hand paint unique colorful trees of life, peacocks, palm trees, and Birds of paradise on ceramic tiles in our studio. Their back-splash tiles are ready to be installed in kitchen and bathroom walls, creating a beautiful artistic focal point in any room.

Due to the quality of the product written about I have left the information from an expired advertisement. The links and pics have been removed but the content left for FYI purposes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Boots, Jackets, Gloves and Hats for Winter Weather

I was just thinking as I was out shopping tonight. Out shopping, now there's a scary thought. Well, as I was saying. I was out and about when we started to get a chilly drizzle and it brought back many memories from when I was growing up in the Northeast United States, Boston to be exact. This time of year can kill, believe it or not. Something as simple as a rain shower or wet snowfall can suck the heat right out of your body fast, leaving you weak and tired due to heat loss. Every year people die from exposure to the elements and it doesn't have to be a drastic exposure. The longer you go without retaining and/or obtaining heat to your body the lower your internal temp will get. The remedy to the great majority of these cases is so simple too.

Water resistant BOOTS, warm GLOVES but preferably MITTENS because your hands will generate warmth to all fingers at once, warm, water resistant JACKETS and HATS with ear flaps are advised. The degree of warmth is dependent on what part of the country you live in. I live in Florida and it will dip into the teens where I live and I have seen snow in my county as well, though not for very long. It does go to show you that no area is 100% safe from adverse weather so always check the forcast before you travel and clothe accordingly!