Monday, December 1, 2008

Boots, Jackets, Gloves and Hats for Winter Weather

I was just thinking as I was out shopping tonight. Out shopping, now there's a scary thought. Well, as I was saying. I was out and about when we started to get a chilly drizzle and it brought back many memories from when I was growing up in the Northeast United States, Boston to be exact. This time of year can kill, believe it or not. Something as simple as a rain shower or wet snowfall can suck the heat right out of your body fast, leaving you weak and tired due to heat loss. Every year people die from exposure to the elements and it doesn't have to be a drastic exposure. The longer you go without retaining and/or obtaining heat to your body the lower your internal temp will get. The remedy to the great majority of these cases is so simple too.

Water resistant BOOTS, warm GLOVES but preferably MITTENS because your hands will generate warmth to all fingers at once, warm, water resistant JACKETS and HATS with ear flaps are advised. The degree of warmth is dependent on what part of the country you live in. I live in Florida and it will dip into the teens where I live and I have seen snow in my county as well, though not for very long. It does go to show you that no area is 100% safe from adverse weather so always check the forcast before you travel and clothe accordingly!

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