Sunday, May 3, 2009

Do You Understand The Terms and Benefits?

When I got my first car I was elated. It was a very used(father to brother to me) 1964 Chevy, which I wish I still owned, but that's another dream in the box. We exchanged papers and I got the title for $1.00. My insurance for the car cost me about $150/year. Wow, I really wish I had that back! The current economic situation in the United States, not to mention the majority of the world, is somewhat restrictive right now. Every company out there is telling you on the tv and radio that they are the cheapest and the most responsive. You need to do your serious talking to companies that will provide you with an honest quote of costs to you for what you need. There are signs of improvement but it will take time. Buying a car for newly licensed teens will be harder and insuring them will be another hurdle.

How many jobs, part time while students, will it take to pay for the car and the required insurance necessary top put a car on the road legally. Lawyers are getting fat on litigation caused by under-insured motorists and teens are getting the biggest hit due to inexperience behind the wheel. I can't say I completely agree with the logic that all teens are reckless because living in Florida I have sen MANY elder drivers get caught up in as well as cause accidents due to poor judgement and/or slow response time to situations. One woman was stopped because she had someone caught on her car and drove about 2 miles before a deputy saw them holding on and stopped her. She said she never heard or felt anything on her car or heard the man screaming to her. I'm not saying all elder drivers are hazards, just some and I defy anyone to deny they haven't seem a few of their peers drive badly in their time.

The problems inherent with teens are speed and distractions. The normal teen, and I felt the same way then, feels invincible behind the wheel and nothing will happen to them. Sorry, too many news stories about teen deaths on the roads. The roads in Florida are full of crosses with names and ages on them of young drivers or passengers that were once immortal. Many youthful injuries are crippling for life as well. Unless you have the needed coverage, even if you are considered a risky driver due to tickets or whatever, you could financially cripple yourself and your family with just one collision. There are still many states that have what is called No Fault Insurance where drivers, unless criminally responsible, share the accident. I have provided some useful links in this post for newer and not so new drivers to use to get properly insured. They have many useful levels of information and definitions of things like what makes up the cost of insurance and why. They are not an insurance company but rather an auto insurance resource for finding a company that you would like to deal with for what you need, nationwide. I would not mention them if I didn't think they had anything useful to offer my readers. Let me know what you think. Dave

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