Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pigeon: Impossible

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Dave said...

Thanks for posting this pigeon/mission impossible style video. Brought a smile to my day. My favorite part is when the pigeon is giving the agent the evil eye while sitting on the suitcase while they are chasing down the nuclear weapon. That was great.
On a business note, I believe I may have a DIY remodeling eco-friendly client interested in paying you for some advertising on multiple blogs you run.

They are open to advertorials, tutorials, sitewide text links, blog posts, or even having you post a product review (for a small fee if needed) for the following:

* Polywood - eco friendly outdoor furniture (made from recycled milk jugs)
* Underdeck - adds usable storage underneath a high level deck or 2nd story deck
* Tiger Claw Fasteners - hidden deck fasteners that prevent any appearance of nails in a deck, or nails to get caught on.

Let me know what options exist and if interested. I will let you know the client's URL once you contact me. Look forward to hearing back from you.

dpatterson [at]elbrusconsulting.com