Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sandra Lee (Food Network) Goes Ghetto-Mouth!

This outtake reel is being pulled all over the place so watch it while you can! If you get a program called VideoGet you can capture this video from it's source and have it even after it's pulled!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Office

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I love having my own home office but sometimes it makes it even harder to incentivize myself to actually go in to work. Working from home is so much easier and I can do it in my pajamas which makes it extra nice! I sure wish my job was at home all the time but I do have to go in for meetings and stuff every now and then…My kids love having me here when they get home and it definitely makes things like running errands and getting groceries ever than it ever used to be. I thought that as I got older I’d like to be in an office socializing more but it’s actually just the opposite. I like making improvements on the house and taking care of things like going to to look up electricity rates and stuff like that. I know I’m lucky being able to work from home at all but I can’t help wanting more from this awesome arrangement I’ve sorted out with my office!