Saturday, October 1, 2011

Enjoying Wicked the musical on Broaday, Finally!

Guest post written by Miriam Somerset

For years, I've been thinking about taking my granddaughter to New York so she can go and see Wicked on Broadway. Plus, she's never been before. We're very close because she's my own grandchild and I like to think that she loves to spend time with me. So I thought that I would take her to New York for a fun weekend with just the two of us.

When I was online looking up information on ticketing, I ran across some information on Miracle Ear hearing aids. After I looked through it some I decided to go and get fitted with some. I thought that they would help me experience New York even better!

I also preordered tickets for us to go and see Wicked because it was my understanding that it's impossible to buy tickets right before the show like you can for a whole lot of these Broadway shows. It was certainly worth buying them before because it was simply so good! I was so impressed by not only the sets, but also all of the songs, too. Plus, I think that my granddaughter was in heaven, finally seeing her play on Broadway!

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