Monday, February 13, 2012

What is a Good Cartoon Nowadays!

There was once a time where it was actually enjoyable to watch a cartoon on television. Nowadays it's like watching a CGI movie with too much actual detail and not enough imagination. I remember watching Yogi Bear, Space Ghost, Tennessee tuxedo and Chumley, Quick Draw McGraw, Secret Squirrel, and especially Johnnie Quest, to name but a few. The new stuff they have today removes the imagination quotient from a child's mind and supplies the answers as it moves along, almost like reading a text book. These characters were walruses, penguins, bears, squirrels, moles, boys, dogs, and scifi space heroes. What's not for the imagination of a child to dial into. When a young mind is allowed to spread open their imagination they set a positive trend for their future lives by allowing their minds to analyze, interpret, and anticipate new and different situations. A straight lined mind where answers are easily obtained cannot move in non-linear directions as it's not imprinted in their brains to adapt to changing variables that move from left to right and back again but rather back to front only. It's kind of like Captain Kirk's reasoning and decision making compared to Mr. Spock with only logic to fall back on. That was an imaginative simile. Hmmm.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Looking into it

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I've been looking at wireless internet provider reviews online to see if I can find a better solution than what I have now. A lot of my coursework is dependent upon me being able to get online when I need to, and I also take to online classes that I have to be able to connect for every week. I just can't put up with my dial-up going in and out at home and it's really not any cheaper than the other options as it is. My parents who I still live with don't really seem to know why we need to upgrade our technology at home but as a full-time student I have some requirements I don't think they can relate to. I can just tell my teachers that I don't have an Internet connection… It is 2012 after all, so I'm going to have to figure out some kind of solution that I can pay for with my own money from my part-time job. At least I have extra money to spend!