Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Time Buyer

Guest post by Gerard McDaniel

My daughter recently bought her first home. When she came to me and said she was ready, that she had saved for a long time for her down payment, and wanted me to go house hunting with her, I was flattered. She has always liked my style and grew up feeling comfortable and loved in our home. It really makes a mom proud to see her children get through college, spread their wings, and fly off to make their own way in the world. My daughter had a great realtor and we saw dozens of homes and condos over a couple of months. She was in no hurry since this was a major life decision and she wanted to take her time. Finally we found the perfect home for her. The first thing I insisted she do, for my peace of mind as well as her security, was install a secure system. We pulled out the laptop and logged in to, read the information, and made a call. She has been very happy with that decision because she feels safe knowing her home is being monitored.

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